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No quilt cover required, can be used alone, machine washable

Organic colored cotton, a natural textile material with fibers naturally colored during cotton boll formation, is skin-friendly and non-irritating. For a long time, people only knew cotton as white, but colored cotton has existed in nature with different hues controlled by genetic inheritance, similar to hair colors in different human races being natural traits. The surface of cotton fibers has a wax layer. Regular white cotton uses various chemicals in dyeing and finishing processes to remove the wax and enhance color brightness, resulting in vivid visual contrast. In contrast, colored cotton retains its natural fiber characteristics during processing without chemical treatments, creating a hazy visual effect with less brightness compared to dyed fabrics.

Compared to white cotton, colored cotton products are beneficial for human health, reduce textile processing steps, and support the "green and healthy" initiative, thereby reducing environmental pollution. In China, large-scale formal research and cultivation of colored cotton began in the 1990s, especially in the mid-to-late 1990s, establishing its leading global position.

1. Skin Protection and Sleep Promotion: Colored cotton is comfortable, skin-friendly, with a weakly acidic pH matching human skin, promoting healthy sleep.
2. Winter Warmth and Summer Breathability: Colored cotton fibers, though shorter and thicker than white cotton fibers with larger fiber lumens, offer better warmth and excellent moisture wicking ability, absorbing sweat to keep skin dry and breathable, preventing allergies, ideal for bedding for infants, the elderly, and everyone.
3. Moisture Absorption and Health Preservation: Untreated with chemicals, some colored cotton yarns and fabrics may retain cottonseed husks, reflecting its natural return, offering a warm, comfortable feeling of returning to simplicity.
4. Soft, Comfortable, and Durable: Cotton fibers are highly absorbent, capable of absorbing moisture from the surrounding atmosphere under normal conditions, providing a soft, non-rigid feel against the skin.
5. Antibacterial, Anti-Mite, Skin-Friendly, Anti-Allergic: Colored cotton naturally contains antibacterial components with a 99% antibacterial rate, enhancing bodily circulation and detoxification, effectively sterilizing, eliminating odors, and automatically regulating bodily balance.
6. Natural Anti-Static Properties, Green and Healthy: Due to its higher moisture regain rate, colored cotton does not generate static electricity or pilling, making it non-irritating to the skin, meeting environmental protection and human health requirements.
7. High-Tech Stitching for Fluffiness, Softness, and Fit: Cotton quilts are first made into cotton batts and then stitched to ensure good skin affinity and hygiene, suitable for machine washing without causing harm or irritation to human skin, ensuring sanitary performance.

Washing instructions:

It is recommended not to clean frequently. Do not wash with other items. To extend the longevity of the cotton, avoid high-temperature drying and exposure to direct sunlight.

Machine wash on a low temperature and tumble dry gently. It is advisable to air dry in the backyard. If air drying is not possible, always remember to use low-temperature drying.






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