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Multiple colors: Cotton


100%cotton: 100%

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North American all-cotton yarn blanket, a masterpiece that took half a year to complete. Designed by the Playground, it features four layers of cotton fabric, molded into one piece.

 Environmentally friendly with no formaldehyde or fluorescent agents, it uses long-staple cotton that has been high-temperature washed in the early stage of weaving. The finished product achieves Class A standard for maternal and child safety, perfect for close-fitting and naked sleep with ultra-soft cotton.

(Return to) Happy Hours for Older Children 1.5×2 meters Soft Cotton Blanket
➕➖✖️➗ High-end Soft Cotton Blanket Series Four-layer Yarn Integrated Forming
All Class A Maternal and Infant Level, No Formaldehyde, No Fluorescent Agent Long-staple Cotton Soft Textile

SIZE: 150×200CM

The market is chaotic, but I still make the best cotton
No matter what you have experienced, what can always touch you is purity
Like a happy playground, more like a soft and safe nest
Flying over millions of miles, I cover myself with a blanket and hide in my dreams to feel the tenderness and romance
Every year of growing up will forget something, let the camera record what the eyes will forget~

Even the deserted alley will have its own tenderness
No matter how old you are now, there is always a childlike heart in hysterics
Holmes' romance will not last long, but the best person is right beside you
Get along slowly, be together slowly, and walk together slowly
Any affection can only be defined by liking, always indulging in tenderness and romance~

Four-layer soft cotton blanket, please feel its purity, its softness, its warmth
All-cotton jacquard four-layer soft cotton yarn weaving integrated production
No impurities, no formaldehyde, no fluorescent agents, no static electricity
The original intention of this product is to send you a star, a white cloud, a galaxy~

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